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Family Law

Client First! That's our commitment in representing divorce clients. In our family law practice we make a personal commitment to our clients; to understand the client's background and goals, and to work together with our client to develop a case strategy that effectively and efficiently serves the client's best interests. We work together with you to define your objectives and goals. Then we incorporate your goals into a legal strategy.

We work to assure that assets are evenly divided, support is set fairly based upon the law and all the facts, and most importantly, that your relationship with your children is preserved. We understand that effective legal representation can only be accomplished through a high degree of professionalism and hard work. We pride ourselves on being prepared, knowing the intimate details of your case, and keeping abreast of the latest legal developments.

We believe that a successful attorney-client relationship is built on trust. Using innovative alternative dispute resolution and negotiation techniques, we strive to get the best possible outcome in your case. As trial lawyers we won't hesitate to take you case to court when necessary, and we will be there for you with tough and experienced advocacy.

We represent clients in all aspects of family and domestic law, including: separation and divorce proceedings; community property division and settlements; child custody, visitation and support; child abuse; spousal support; modifications of prior orders; annulments; and domestic violence (including restraining orders). We represent clients in contested divorces, uncontested divorces, and as a neutral divorce mediator. In every case we accurately assess the client's needs and objectives. Next we develop a comprehensive plan of action to accomplish those objectives. Finally, we dedicate ourselves to the case plan.

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