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Welcome to Longabaugh Law Offices

Longabaugh Law Offices (LLO) is committed to providing reasonably priced representation that first attempts to resolve disputes through alternative dispute resolution (ADR), but will continue to provide representation through the litigation process should ADR efforts fail.

Some law firms forget that you are not only a client, you are a customer. At LLO, you will not be neglected or forgotten. With rare exceptions, your phone calls are returned by the attorney on the day that they are received. You pay serious money for your legal representation - you deserve prompt responses to your questions.

LLO believes that delay is the enemy of most legal processes. Therefore, we typically employ a "fast break" approach to client representation. Unless there is a strategic reason for patience, we prefer to ask "how early can we get this done" rather than "how long do we have to complete this task?".

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